Payment by Credit Card (or Check Card)

Payment by Credit Card (or Check Card) and shipping to a different address: If you are shipping to a different address than your billing address (the address to which your billing statement is mailed), you must be sure to indicate BOTH your shipping address AND the actual address to which your billing statement is mailed.

In the above instance, be sure NOT to check "same" for your billing address, because your billing address is different. Simply provide the shipping address where indicated, and the billing address where indicated. If your address takes up two lines, be sure the street numbers appear on "Street Address 1" line. This allows the automatic address verification system to work without a hitch! Thanks!

Note: If you are not the primary cardholder (a possible example: a college student with his or her own name on the card, but with monthly billing statements mailed to a parent at another address, naming the parent as the cardholder) follow the above instructions.

We accept MasterCardŽ and VisaŽ. Our experience is that credit card addresses are much easier to verify than check card addresses (in many instances, banks will not verify addresses on check cards), thus to avoid delay, we recommend that you use a credit card in preference to a check card, whenever possible.

We will send you an e-mail confirmation of your order. (Be sure that the default option, "E-mail me a copy of my order," remains checked.)